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ttk::spinbox -
Selecting text field widget


ttk::spinbox pathName ?options?


A ttk::spinbox widget is a ttk::entry widget with built-in up and down buttons that are used to either modify a numeric value or to select among a set of values. The widget implements all the features of the ttk::entry widget including support of the -textvariable option to link the value displayed by the widget to a Tcl variable.




NameDatabase nameDatabase class
 A floating-point value specifying the lowest value for the spinbox. This is used in conjunction with -to and -increment to set a numerical range.
 A floating-point value specifying the highest permissible value for the widget. See also -from and -increment. range.
 A floating-point value specifying the change in value to be applied each time one of the widget spin buttons is pressed. The up button applies a positive increment, the down button applies a negative increment.
 This must be a Tcl list of values. If this option is set then this will override any range set using the -from, -to and -increment options. The widget will instead use the values specified beginning with the first value.
 Must be a proper boolean value. If on, the spinbox will wrap around the values of data in the widget.
 Specifies an alternate format to use when setting the string value when using the -from and -to range. This must be a format specifier of the form %<pad>.<pad>f, as it will format a floating-point number.
 Specifies a Tcl command to be invoked whenever a spinbutton is invoked.


See the ttk::entry manual for information about indexing characters.


See the ttk::entry manual for information about using the -validate and -validatecommand options.


The following subcommands are possible for spinbox widgets in addition to the commands described for the ttk::entry widget:

pathName current index
pathName get
Returns the spinbox's current value.
pathName set value
Set the spinbox string to value. If a -format option has been configured then this format will be applied. If formatting fails or is not set or the -values option has been used then the value is set directly.


The spinbox widget generates a <<Increment>> virtual event when the user presses <Up>, and a <<Decrement>> virtual event when the user presses <Down>.


ttk::widget(n), ttk::entry(n), spinbox(n)


entry, spinbox, widget, text field