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File: ChangeLog.txt

30 Sep 2004  Joe English  <joe@desdinova>
	* xsl/tmml-html.xsl: Add 'headerDocument' parameter
	* xsl/manpage.css: Use sans-serif in TOC instead of serif.

25 Aug 2004  Joe English  <joe@desdinova>
	* xsl/make-keywords.xsl: Much-improved new implementation 
	from Rolf Ade (See #1015520)

12 Aug 2004  Joe English  <joe@desdinova>
	* xsl/tmml-html.xsl(lookup-href): Don't generate xrefs
	if there are multiple definitions for a term 
	(partial fix for tcllib bug #1008455)
	* xsl/tmml-html.xsl: Transcribe TMML head/info elements
	into HTML HEAD/META elements; ignore other TMML head data.  

21 Jun 2004  Joe English  <joe@desdinova>
	* man2tmml/man2mml.tcl: Recognize cross-references to subsections (.SS)
	(from earlier) Attempt to classify <dl> lists too.

08 May 2004  Joe English  <joe@caramia>
	* man2tmml/troffparse.tcl: Recognize \f(XX font switches
	* man2tmml/man2tmml.tcl: (quick hack) Support \f(CW

06 Mar 2004  Joe English  <joe@caramia>
	* tools/tmml.tcl: Added --quiet option.
	* xsl/man2tmml.tcl: Support <title> in <namesection>

18 Oct 2003  Joe English  <joe@desdinova>
	* Make tdom the default xsltProcessor (why wasn't this done before?)
	* Add default navpages setting.

26 Nov 2002  Joe English  <joe@desdinova>
	* Customizable footers:  You can now set Options(navpages)
	  to point to an XML file containing the list of links
	  to show in the footer. (See the "data:data" element in
	  navpages.xsl for an example).  Alternately, set
	  the footerDocument XSLT parameter to use a fully customized

	* (Still to do: don't hardcode the names of generated TOC, 
	   keywords, or index pages; look these up from navpages.xml instead)

25 Nov 2002  Joe English  <joe@desdinova>
	* tools/tmml.tcl: Can now set Options(xsltParams) to pass
	parameters to XSL stylesheets. (@@@ NYI for xslt.msxsl)

24 Jun 2002  Joe English  <joe@desdinova>
	* translate.tcl: Load either Tcl-XML or tDOM packages.

24 Jun 2002  Joe English  <joe@desdinova>
	* translate.tcl: minor mods to accomodate:
	* tmml-html.tcl: first cut at XSLT-free TMML-to-HTML converter.

22 May 2002  Joe English  <joe@desdinova>
	Changes to make tmml.tcl usable as a scripted document:
	* tmml.tcl: read options from ~/.tmmlrc as well as
	* tmml.tcl, tmml-man.tcl, translate.tcl: 'tmml toman'
	  now executes tmml-man.tcl in a subinterp instead of a subprocess.

18 May 2002  Joe English  <joe@desdinova>
	* categories.xml, tmml.dtd, xsl/category-index.xsl:
	  Packages can define new categories in the manual/head section.

18 May 2002  Joe English  <joe@desdinova>
	* tmml.tcl: tmml toman now takes multiple arguments.

06 May 2002  Joe English  <joe@desdinova>
	* tmml-winhelp.tcl: Now working.

4 May - 16 May 2002  Joe English <joe@eurydice>
	* tools/tmml-costutils.tcl, tmml-rtfstles.tcl, tmml-winhelp.tcl:
	Added TMML-to-WINHELP converter (require Cost 2.3).
	Still not perfect but I'm calling it close enough!

05 May 2002  Joe English  <joe@desdinova>
	* man2tmml.tcl:
	    + Allow multiple source files on command line
	    + Added -rebuild flag
	    + Added option to remap input file names
	* coredocs/* --
	  Remapped man page names that were conflicting on Windows.

17 Apr 2002  Joe English  <joe@desdinova>
	* man2tmml.tcl:
	  + Add support for .\" TMML: hints in nroff source
	    (currently implemented: .\" TMML: commandlist).
	  + Recognize .UR / .UE (URl references)

16 Apr 2002  Joe English <joe@desdinova>
	* tmml.tcl: add support for XSLT processors other than SAXON
	  (currently supported: tDOM-xslt and Gnome xsltproc, others
	  can be easily added).
	* make-keywords.xsl: finally integrated new keyword list generation
	  script from DE.  This one doesn't rely on saxon:group.

28 Feb 2002  Joe English <joe@desdinova>
	* tmml.dtd: Relaxed content model for <dl>:
	  allow <dt>/<dd> pairs to appear outside of <dle> containers;
	  only require <dle> if there are multiple <dt>s in an entry.

10 Dec 2001  Joe English <joe@desdinova>
	* man2tmml: recognize http:// URIs in <ref> elements.
	* tmml.tcl: copy manpage.css to htmlDirectory if needed.
	* xsl/make-index.xsl: Need <DEF cat="manpage" ...> entries after all.

 4 Dec 2001  Joe English <joe@desdinova>
 	* tmml.tcl: Allow multiple filenames in 'tmml tohtml'

 3 Dec 2001  Joe English <joe@desdinova>
 	* tmml.dtd, xsl/make-index.xsl:
	Include keyword information in INDEX.MAP.

 1 Dec 2001  Joe English <joe@desdinova>
 	* man2tmml/dictionary.tcl: Rebuilt dictionary from current
	(circa 8.4a4) Tcl docs.   Running automated consistency checks
	turned up some dangling links in Tcl man pages (Tcl_Dstring,
	Tcl_StandardChannel, etc.)

30 Nov 2001  Joe English <joe@desdinova>
	* tools/tmml.tcl: new file.  Command-line utility for
	processing TMML documents.

30 Nov 2001  Joe English <joe@desdinova>
	* xsl/tmml-html.xsl: BUGFIX: don't generate <A HREF="">...</A>
	elements with null HREF attributes (bug reported by Rolf Ade).

9 Nov 2001  Joe English <joe@desdinova>
	* man2tmml.tcl: For unrecognized TROFF requests,
	insert the arguments as character data instead of as
	an attribute.
	* man2tmml.tcl: recognize some forms of bulleted lists,
	change them into <ul> elements instead of <dl> elements.

19 Sep 2001  Joe English <>
	* man2tmml/man2tmml.tcl: bugfix in <commandlist> heuristics.

16 Sep 2001  Joe English <>
	* More work on extension mechanism.

09 Sep 2001  Joe English <>
	* catalog, xml8.dcl: Set IMPLYDEF DOCTYPE YES in SGML declaration
	to make it easier to use SP for validation.

15 Aug 2001  Joe English <>
	* tmml.dtd, xsl/make-index.xsl, xsl/tmml-html.xsl:
	Working on new DTD extension mechanism.

17 Jul 2001  Joe English <>
        * xsl/*.xsl: attributes on <xsl:stylesheet> element should
	not have a namespace prefix.

23 May 2001  Joe English <>
	* tmml.dtd, tools/tmml-man.tcl, xsl/tmml-html.xsl, doc/tmml-dtd.xml:
	Added <file> element, for file and directory names.

22 May 2001  Joe English <>
	* tmml-man.tcl: use manpage @package attribute
	for .TH macro "source" field.
	* man.macros: use Courier font (.ft C) for code listings (troff only).

28 Dec 2000  Joe English <>
	* keyword-index.xsl: put everything into one big <table>
	  instead of separate tables for each group.

30 Nov 2000  Joe English <>
	* added URL element ; more work on troff XL formatting

2000-11-21  Joe English <>
	* man2tmml.tcl: Sort <sl> (simple list) items alphabetically
	on output. (Based on suggestion from Peter Spjuth: the "STANDARD
	OPTIONS" section of widget man pages are usually sorted
	column-wise instead of row-wise, which leads to strange
	ordering when the output rendition doesn't use the same
	number of columns as the original man page.)

2000-11-09  Joe English <>
	* Added 'xl' (extended list) element to the DTD.

2000-09-17  Joe English <>
	* Added 'title' element in <namesection>
	  (~= Docbook "RefPageDescriptor" in this context)

2000-09-17  Joe English <>
	* Added 'cat' attribute to <ref> element; have not implemented any
	  processing for it yet.

2000-09-15  Joe English <>
	* Minor tweaks to manpage.css; use less-saturated colors in keyword idx

2000-09-14  Joe English <>
	* XSL: finally got keyword index working the way I want it to:
	  Recognizes keywords in <subdoc>s
	  Keywords are grouped by first letter, with navbar entries
	  Alternating (though somewhat gaudy) colors for each table row.

2000-09-04  Joe English <>
	* Make.rules: copy manpage.css to $(HTMLDIR) if it's missing.
	* Added 'o' element (optional text in %m.code;)
	* Bugfix: 'term' element was not included in %e.syntax;.
	* Added 'href' attribute to 'ref' element
	  (this was documented but not implemented in the DTD or stylesheets)
	  (Still missing: support for @package, @manpage, @name)
	* Added 'class' element for [incr Tcl], oTcl, C++, etc.

2000-09-03  Joe English <>
	* xsl/tmml-html.xsl: bugfix: wasn't creating links from all
	    <m> elements in the <synopsis>.

2000-08-25  Joe English <>
	* Updated docs

2000-08-24  Joe English <>
	* Minor changes to HTML navigation page output.
	  Now uses multi-column layout for index.

-- TMML 0.6r2 --

2000-08-24  Joe English <>
	* Renamed 'typedef' element to 'type', to match
	  other TMML naming conventions.

2000-08-23  Joe English <>
        * Added a license file (MIT-style) to the distribution.
	* tmml2man: implemented -newsince option
	* man2tmml: attempt to change .VS / .VE requests
	  in troff source into <new> elements or 'version=' attributes
	  as appropriate.
	* tmml.dtd: Added 'version' attribute to several elements
	  that should have them.

-- TMML 0.6r1 --

2000-08-21  Joe English <>
	* Added wrapper element 'dle' around dt/dd pairs inside
	  definition lists.


	* Added 'optlist' element for general option lists
	  (as opposed to 'optionlist', which is used for
	  Tk widget options)

2000-08-17  Joe English <>
	* man2tmml: redid structural inference heuristics
	  for list elements, paragraphs, and other block elements;
	  structural inference is much more accurate now.

2000-08-16  Joe English <>
	* man2tmml: namespaced dombuild and domrewrite utilities;
	  reorganized man2tmml.tcl (didn't help much).

2000-08-14  Joe English <>
	* xsl: handle <subdoc> elements when building index.
	* man2tmml: turn <dl> into <commandlist>;
	  changed some dictionary items that were marked AMBIGUOUS but
	  really weren't
	* tools: added tmml-to-man converter.

2000-08-10  Joe English <>

	* man2tmml.tcl [PossibleRefRE]:
	SERIOUS BUGFIX: Faulty regexp was discarding text
	when looking for cross-references.

2000-08-07  Joe English  <>

	* Released TMML 0.5